What Is A Clinical Study?

A clinical study is a scientifically designed study conducted by qualified physicians and staff to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a drug or device for a specific disease or condition. All drugs and devices go through a rigorous series of tests before researchers try them on people. Clinical research studies provide the most promising way to test drugs and devices. All drugs and devices in widespread use today were first proven effective and safe in clinical studies.

What Studies Are Conducted At Meisner Family Practice?

Meisner Family Practice conducts studies for: Diabetes High Blood Pressure and Osteoarthritis

What Are The Risks & Benefits Of Participating In A Study?

Many eligible volunteers enroll in a research study because they hope that they will personally benefit from the study-related medicine or device they receive. There are risks in every research study just as there are in taking any medication. Participants must be fully aware of the potential risks before they volunteer. An informed consent form outlines the risks, benefits and possible side-effects in detail and is required to be understood and signed by the participant before any research procedure takes place. In some cases, some participants may not receive the study medication, but instead will receive a placebo, which is an inactive substance that looks like the study medication.

What Is The Purpose Of A Study?

A clinical research study evaluates the safeness and effectiveness of an investigational drug or device on symptoms associated with a disease or a condition.

Who Do I Contact To Learn More?

Please call us at 281-491-1911 to talk to one of our Clinical Research Coordinators

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