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Sugarland Family Practice & Urgent Care Clinic

I would personally like to welcome you to my website and to my office, where I have been practicing high-quality, cost-effective medicine, with my patient's best interests in mind, for 30 years. That experience allows me to accurately diagnose your condition using a minimum of testing. Testing is used to efficiently confirm your diagnosis. Your time and financial resources are important me. It is normal to be concerned about your medical condition, and our medical staff makes every effort to hurry your diagnostic process along quickly


At Meisner Family Practice, our goal is to further your health needs through Preventative Medical Care. Dr. Meisner has continuously practiced preventative medicine , and still believes that this will continue to be the way of the future. A major goal of any Primary care Physician should be the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, and certain forms of cancer. Preventative medicine is the most effective way to reduce the high cost of medical care. My years of medical experience allow me to handle the full range of medical conditions, both physical and psychological. I enjoy my patients, and caring for their medical conditions, from the routine medical diagnoses handled by a Family Physician, to the more complex medical conditions, like biopsies, and endocrine/hormonal diseases.


You can usually get Same Day Appointments at my comfortable private office-- not an impersonal clinic.


I like to sit down and talk casually and comfortably to my patients. Whether you are a 2 year old or a 90 year old, the whole family is welcomed. I can probably relate to you, and make you feel relaxed. You won't find me trying to impress you with long medical words, nor with a suit and tie. I want you to relax and enjoy your medical experience, in my clean, comfortably decorated office. You will find me very open and comfortable in discussing your most delicate medical concerns, including E.D (males seem to like the way I handle their problems), all sexual problems, social issues, and depression, without judging you. My goal is only to help you feel better.


The upstairs of our office is focused on Research for a wide range of new medications. Presently, we are doing a large number of diabetes and insulin studies, bowel diseases, gout, and vascular problems. My involvement with research keeps me in the forefront of medical advances.

We hope you find our new office comfortable, and that it meets you and your family’s medical care needs.  We accept most insurance companies..and patients without insurance.  Parking is right in front of our door. 


I invite you to come in and experience my medical care, and the competency of my staff.


With Best Regards, 

Carl  Meisner, MD

Medical Services

photo_2- We provide personalized, state-of-the-art care to the entire family - from babies to elders. Click to see a list


Urgent Care Center


Why spend hours waiting and then pay ER prices?

Clinical Trials

photo_6 We are currently conducting clinical trials for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Osteoarthritis

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